3 comments on “Trip down memory lane…

  1. Oh, and I hear ya! I wanna go back to the Missoula Bubble too!

    Stop over in Finland if you’re back in Scandinavia. It’s only a small detour compared to…. 😉

  2. Heh… We have a trekking holiday planned to the Canaries for August.
    I will have to convince my spouse that this would be the right thing to do 😀

  3. Arno

    We are planning to have a reunion here in Boise in August… Right before pro-studies start! Bring your wife!!! Thomas and I are finalizing the dates and an invite should come out on Facebook next week!
    I hope you are well… I am going up to Missoula tomorrow to see my show on the walls there and to give a little talk! Then next week it is back to Scandinavia for a few weeks…
    Life is good but I want to go back to the Missoula Bubble!

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