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Some time ago I had -another one of those- issues with a magazine that I had ordered but never got…
Maybe you remember

Photo Paper

image courtesy of The Photo Paper

Seriously… I would still be interested in getting the magazine, and that’s why (for some reason, yeah, I know…) I keep on visiting back to that website. But I keep on getting -more and more- this icky feeling that there’s something dodgy going on with this whole thing.
I checked it out again today, to see what was going on, and now the first issue is supposed to be published in August 2011.
That’s over a year later than the initial publication date of the first issue. Now is that weird or not?
I doubt if they’ll even make it to publishing the thing in August 2011.
Heck… I doubt if they’ll even publish the thing AT ALL!! And I wonder if I’m the only one who was impatient enough to claim a refund, which, by the way, I actually did get. So no complaints from me there 😉