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I shouldn’t really confess what I did. It’s too ghastly for words…
I had a photoshoot the other day. Bright day, clear sky, save for a lot of dust and other crap, invisible to the eyes. So I noticed on a picture a little hair on the sensor and decided to blow it out with my “patented” Giottos Rocket-Air. Now… Let me give you some good advise: BIN THE THING! Don’t ever use a Rocket-Air (unless you’re in a vacuum, sterile, dust-free environment).
It made things 100x worse. I just blew in all the dust instead of blowing out the hair.


THANK YOU, Giottos Rocket-Air!

So what now? Nothing else on me to fix this little issue. And I seriously didn’t feel like cleaning THAT up in 300 pictures. But hey… I have a lens cloth. Nice and soft, and clean. And I have a very long finger, that reaches all the way to the (glass in front of the) sensor. Oh, you thought you’re blowing STRAIGHT on your sensor, did you? Nonono, the smart people at the camera manufacturer do put something protective over it. So I wiped the sensor like that. Couldn’t get quite in all the corners, but the result (and my post-processing time) all of a sudden was a lot more inviting 😉 It still needs some additional cleaning, but that can be done back home with the proper tools.

Less dust

THANK YOU, finger and lens cloth

Don’t try this at home! Or at least… at your own risk. Don’t call me when you screw up the sensor 😉