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It’s been something I’ve been wondering about for quite awhile already and when I got a couple of links from Sitruuna about photography competitions, it just poked me in the eye again.
I’ve been looking into a good amount of photography contests and the biggest part of the prizes are point-and-shoot cameras or entry-level DSLR models.
These days I think of myself as a professional photographer, and I know that most of the people who enter the competitions I’ve been looking at (e.g. PDN, Smithsonian, Black and White Spider Awards) are also semi-pros or pros. So what on earth are we going to do with a point-and-shoot (that we most likely have already) or an entry-level DSLR (when we’re shooting with pro cameras like 1Ds, 5Ds, D3s, D700s, D300s or D200s?). I still have to come across a competition that offers a 1Ds Mark III, or a 5D Mark II or a D3 or D700.

Gotta process last weekend’s images. Tomorrow some pictures again.