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In addition to the previous post in this blog I also wrote NG a mail in which I noted this particular picture. To be honest I hadn’t really expected any reply to it, so I was positively surprised when I found not one, but TWO mails in my inbox this evening (GMT+2). One from Public Relations (see below) and one from Chief Researcher Marilyn Terrel (see her two comments in the previous post).
They both basically had the same content:


I read your blog post about the National Geographic photoshop story. I work with National Geographic wanted to provide you with the official statement on the matter:

The International Photography Contest from National Geographic has sparked unparalleled interest from photographers around the world, with some 220,000 submissions this year worldwide. The rules of the competition clearly state that no altered images can be submitted. It has come to our attention that one of the Viewers’ Choice Award winners of the English-language competition might be an altered image. When we asked our panel of photography experts to review it, they believed it to be questionable. To give the photographer the benefit of the doubt, we asked him to send us the source negative, which we have not yet received. For now, we will remove the image from the Web site until the matter is resolved.

Here’s a link to Rob Covey’s blog post on the issue as well. Rob is SVP of Content Development and Design, National Geographic Digital Media.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



So… It’s gone… For now.
Until the photographer can dig up the original negative or the original RAW file.
Let’s see. I’m gonna be kept posted (or so they said), so maybe this will be continued.

It’s been something I’ve been wondering about for quite awhile already and when I got a couple of links from Sitruuna about photography competitions, it just poked me in the eye again.
I’ve been looking into a good amount of photography contests and the biggest part of the prizes are point-and-shoot cameras or entry-level DSLR models.
These days I think of myself as a professional photographer, and I know that most of the people who enter the competitions I’ve been looking at (e.g. PDN, Smithsonian, Black and White Spider Awards) are also semi-pros or pros. So what on earth are we going to do with a point-and-shoot (that we most likely have already) or an entry-level DSLR (when we’re shooting with pro cameras like 1Ds, 5Ds, D3s, D700s, D300s or D200s?). I still have to come across a competition that offers a 1Ds Mark III, or a 5D Mark II or a D3 or D700.

Gotta process last weekend’s images. Tomorrow some pictures again.