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I’m not one of those fanatic guys who’s got one of his old camera bodies converted to an infrared camera, I’m using an infrared filter.
Which I hadn’t used in aaaages, I must add. It was nice to dig it out and have a go at it again, even if it almost cost me my camera, because a big wave came rolling in while the camera was balancing on a rock (without tripod, where are they when you need them??) during the 76 seconds exposure time and almost took me and the camera back in.

Here’s the out-of-camera shot:

Infrared photography

D700, ISO200, 76 sec @ f/11, Nikkor 50mm, Tiffen 87 Infrared filter

That lens flare was annoying, but there wasn’t much I could to about it with the image that I wanted to take, so… But with a bit of post-processing, conversion, dodging and burning in Photoshop it came out quite ok:

Infrared photography

Same specs as above, but with some additional work in Photoshop.

It’s getting cold. Awhile back it was cold for a couple of days, with a bit of snow that disappeared pretty much instantly. But now temperature’s really dropping and staying down. Driving to the in-laws for dinner on Sunday I could really notice it was slippery. It was a tad bit moist in the air and the temperature was just around 0°C (32F), maybe a bit below. They call it black ice here, because you can’t really see any ice on the road, but it’s really treacherous. This is just around the time that everyone gets surprised by it. Even if you’d think Fins would be aware of the dangers, because they face it every single year, but every single year people underestimate it or don’t expect it and accidents happen.
I got home safe. With lunch *grins*
Best is just to stay at home and light up the fire place…

Fireplace with burning logs

D700, ISO800, 1/125 sec @ f/4, Nikkor 50mm