9 comments on “National Geographic blooper

  1. It looks like they just took a pic of a sky and a pic with people in the water, and pasted the two on top of each other. Sitruuna is right, the perspective is all wrong and that’s what bugs me personally most.

  2. The photo has been removed and the prize withdrawn. National Geographic will be issuing a statement shortly. They have been trying to reach the photographer to have him defend his work but he hasn’t responded. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. The clouds also don’t recede into the distance as they approach the horizon. The perspective is all wrong. You can tell at a glance.

    Really shameless of the photographer, and quite surprisingly inept of National Geographic. It casts doubt on the authenticity of all entries.

  4. Must be exciting to be the winner – only waiting for somebody to spot the mistake and shout out loud. One can’t expect to pull out of this without anybody noticing, so it’s only a question of WHEN it becomes publicly known that it’s a fake.

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