3 comments on “Murphy’s law… or something like that…

  1. Hi Missy! Good to hear from you, miss you too!! (how could I not?? Just had a good laugh over the CD group picture again where you kicked me in the head 😀 ) Thanks for the feed-back.

    I tried the sync. The problem is that the sync takes the exact spot from where to clone the spot and that’s where it goes wrong in most of my pics. It would work if the contents of the images is pretty much the same (e.g. a lot of sky all around).

  2. Hey Arno, this may save you just a little time…not perfect in EVERY case, but may help a bit…In LR select a horizontal image and use the healing brush to correct your spots. Then select all your horizontal images and do the synch settings – selecting only the spot removal. I know it won’t look good all the time, but then if you use the image, you just have to move around the healing spot 🙂 Good luck…I know this is frustrating 🙂 Miss you!

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