5 comments on “A guy’s world of oblivion, Day 66

  1. It’s not just the photo that makes it so spectacular,imo…it’s the story + photo. The love story behind it all just adds that much *umph* to what the photo alone says :-)!


  2. @Ginger

    You should be able to edit now, G. I have my settings so that I have to approve the first post of every person to this blog (spam prevention, sadly necessary).

    I seriously think this picture isn’t all that spectacular, though, but thanks, anyway! 😀

  3. Hahaha! You’re funny. :c) Now you realize how expensive your maintenance is to me? Don’t worry, I’ll be over soon to stock up on your skincare products with my student’s budget.

  4. Ah! Arno, can I edit my draft? Guess not…ugh, typos and grammatical errors everywhere…anyways…keep up the great work!

  5. Amazing photo! Maybe the flu helped change your “perspective” on things :-). I know since I have had the flu over the last few days, my “perspective” on things have changed dramatically. And since this IS Finland, I do get sick often. The last bout of the flu I had, in September/October, I did my best writing ever. Churned out 70 reports, eloquently written, all within two days. Maybe the flu is a blessing in disguise? Nah, can’t go to the damn gym! Grrrrr….

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