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I’ve written about it before, especially in relation to Facebook and Google, who initially had some dubious passages in their Terms and Conditions in regards to uploaded (photographic) material.
But also organizers of photo contests seem to have a knack of trying to grab the rights of images uploaded to their contests.
So again, everyone who’s taking part in or who’s planning to take part in a contest: read the terms and conditions, and make sure that the organizers don’t have a clause in the terms where it says that they can use the image for whatever they want, how long they want without payment.

Following the initiative of Chris Barton (from Fair Trade Photographer) who wrote an excellent piece on a contest organized by Great British Life with such a clause in their terms, I’m gonna copy-paste the link to his Great British Life blog post here as a warning for other photographers out there.

So beware… there are a bunch of sneakies among us…