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You know by now it’s “my” thing. Cross-processing (and HDR). I don’t need to explain much anymore, I guess. I’ve said so much about it. I’ll give you this one to have a look at, a few hours before I take off for a new adventure. More pictures to follow, surely, as the adventure unfolds […]

I must honestly admit that I’m getting more and more excited by the whole cross-processing thing. I feel an exhibition coming up! If you find the right places and the right subjects/objects, it really turns out nicely. And it’s such a small thing, it takes less than five minutes. A couple of weeks ago I […]

So not to confuse with HDR, because this hasn’t seen any HDR (and no, it’s not just about dragging the saturation slider to +100)  😉 If you’re intending to over-do it, with pictures that are suitable, it’s actually quite fun…

A month or so ago I wrote a little post about HDR. A little post about what HDR really is and how it should be used in order for it to be called HDR, and how the biggest part of the people confuse HDR with cross-processing. I decided to also do a little post about […]

Last week I spent a few days in my other home country. I had planned to go out at least one day, even just for an hour, just me and my camera, to shoot some pictures. A little bit of me-time. There was that one day, and I took camera and tripod and took off […]

Yeah, pun intended… Sometimes it happens that you’re driving around somewhere and all of a sudden your eye sees something (that isn’t there), and you need to stop. You need to stop and get out (if you happen -for a change- to have your camera with you) to take a picture of that something that […]

I can never get enough from cross-processing images (or HDR images, for that matter). I’ve done a focus-stacking mini-tutorial before, and I know there’s only so many times you can do a tutorial, so I won’t explain everything in detail again, but I still wanted to show this example with another subject/object than a flower. […]